Getting Back Your Ex

Getting back your ex is not an easy task and most people that have even tried to have said it would have been easier to just get a new boyfriend or girlfriend and so, if you are one of those people that thinks that they really need back their ex, you had better be sure that is what you want before you even try.

Today there are plenty of websites like will give advice on perhaps the best way to go about getting an old flame back but, as everybody is different and every relationship is different, that advice may not work in all instances but is at least a good place to start.

Although the many different websites may give differing advice, most of them agree that in order to win your ex back you should never resort to begging them to come back. The reason why most of the sites agree on this is because when you beg, your ex will think you as being weak and can no longer respect you, which they may still have done. It is true however that some people have won their ex back by begging but in most of these instances the relationship did not last long as respect was gone and they had only gotten back together through pity.

No matter how desperate you are to win back your ex, you should never stalk them as they will usually know you are stalking them and they will learn to hate you for stalking them ridding them of their privacy. You must therefore try and arrange a ‘chance’ meeting, a meeting by accident and then make your move. The move should be nothing dramatic, perhaps just asking how they are doing and mentioning that you miss them. Hopefully that will draw a response that they miss you too and so you can perhaps mention taking a drink together for old times’ sake.

If you do succeed in meeting for that drink, be careful not to keep mentioning the past, even the good times as that will usually start them to remember the bad times too and so always talk of the present or the future, mentioning how bright it could be if you were still together.

One of the most important things to remember when trying to win back an ex, is what caused the break-up in the first place. If it was due to something you were doing then you should take care not to repeat whatever that was. If you dressed badly, buy new clothes, if you drank too much, slow down or if you were getting too serious and intense, lighten up. It will not be sufficient to just tell them you have changed, they will usually want to see that change in you for themselves and so be prepared for that and make the necessary changes before that first new meeting, exaggerating them if you must but be sure they notice the changes.