Saltwater Fishing

If you are a fisherman but are used to only fishing in rivers and wanting to change to saltwater fishing, there are several pieces of equipment (tackle) that you will have to change in order to do so successfully. Obviously if you are going saltwater fishing instead of freshwater fishing, the fish you will be hoping to catch will be bigger and heavier and so you will have to change your rods and lines accordingly. If you use lures instead of bait, you may also want to consider changing them to saltwater lures so as to be more effective.

Although some fishermen prefer to use live bait or at least meat or fish which has been cut into smaller chunks, many opt to use lures which are artificial enticements for fish. For a lure to be effective it must be appealing to the fish you are hoping to catch and so freshwater ones may vary quite considerably from saltwater ones and using the right type of lures can make all the difference in having a good or bad days fishing.

Hooks, lures and lines along with any other stuff a fisherman may need are usually all kept in one box, known as a tackle box and a serious fisherman will always ensure that their tackle box is fully stocked with everything they think they may need including extra lines, lures, a first aid kit and a sharp knife to cut a line should a fish prove particularly troublesome. Although the items in any tackle box may vary widely, all that a fisherman should ever need can usually be found in just one shop, either locally or online and so they need only browse the store or the website to find all that they need for a good day’s fishing or even a few days fishing trip.

AS well as having a rod and line strong enough to handle what you are hoping to catch and appropriate lures or bait, you will also need to choose your location carefully if you hope for success. In the case of freshwater fishermen, usually they will know themselves where is the best spot along a river bank to set up their rod but in the case of saltwater fishermen, often they are dependent on the boat’s captain to know where to take them for the best chances to catch what they hope to.

Apart from there being two types of fishing, saltwater and freshwater fishing, there are also many different ways of fishing in each type, depending on what you are fishing for. If you know at the start of your trip what type of fish you are hoping to catch you can ensure you have the correct tackle for that but if there are any doubts as to what you may have the best chance of catching, it is perhaps prudent to carry a variety of lures so as to stand a good chance of at least catching something on your outing.